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Truck useable roads, truck mileages, heavy truck routing software, fuel taxes, fuel prices, road conditions, current weather and more
Truck useable roads, truck mileages, heavy truck routing software, fuel taxes, fuel prices, road conditions, current weather and more

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ProMiles® Software Development Corporation is an industry leader when it comes to designing sensible trucking software solutions that keep you covered in all areas. Whether you are an Owner/Operator, a Large Fleet, a Dispatch Office, Permitting Service, Government Agency or just about any other area that requires intuitive software solutions for the Trucking and Transportation Industry, ProMiles® can help. PSDC has trucking related software solutions for both desktop needs and real-time Internet applications.  Please take a moment to view what we have to offer:

CD Based Software Solutions:

More than just a Mileage Guide...
ProMiles XF®
is the latest in truck routing and mapping software package for drivers and corporate fleets alike. This is the base software module which includes the UPDATED ProMiles Mileage Guide, free basic ProMiles Fuel Optimization, and expansion capabilities that can integrate with other modular PSDC products such as ProMiles Fuel Tax, and the newly available ProMiles Fuel Management.

ProMiles XF® Mileage Guide puts the largest and most accurate mileage & mapping database in the trucking industry at your fingertips. With over 1,000,000 routable locations, updated 2007 ZIP code database, over 9,600 Truck Stops, over 930,000 miles of truck useable roads, and the power to customize your maps and more, you will see that ProMiles XF™ is the best routing software on the market today.  Visit for more in-depth information.

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ProMiles® Fuel Tax is one of the best and most used fuel tax reporting and automation systems in the industry. Easily generate your IFTA, Mile Tax, MPG, IRP, SSR, Equipment, Audit, and State reports. Whether it's integrated with ProMiles Mileage Guide, or used as a stand-alone application, ProMiles Fuel Tax can help relieve the headaches of fuel tax reporting. Easy trip entry and versatile reporting makes ProMiles Fuel Tax stand out from the rest. Compare for yourself and see why thousands of trucks depend on ProMiles Fuel Tax each quarter.

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ProMiles® Fuel Management - Create, compare, modify or view your own fuel networks with ease. With the ProMiles Fuel Management module for ProMiles XF®, you can make sure that you are receiving the discounts that you bargained for, and gather data to make a better fuel purchase deals in the future! Best of all, you can view price trends across your region, or across the nation with the latest technology - fuel price mapping! You can actually SEE where the cheapest fuel is!

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TruckMiles® on CD is a high-quality, low cost heavy truck routing and mileage software package which is directly based on our extremely popular, and is geared toward Owner/Operators and company drivers on a budget.  Peek under the hood to see what TruckMiles can do for you!

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Internet Based Software Solutions: is the online version of ProMiles® Mileage Guide, our full featured CD-based heavy truck routing and mileage guide. shares the exact same database as ProMiles XF® Mileage and Routing Guide, which contains more locations and miles, U.S. and Canadian, than any other in the industry.  It is also the first trucking mileage guide with fuel optimization to be ported to the Web.

Try | Subscribe** is the trucking industry's first Fuel Tax Reporting Software to be ported to the internet. FuelTaxOnline will allow you enter truck and trip data for your fleet and automatically generate IFTA, Mile, Audit Detail, IRP, State, and MPG reports. FuelTaxOnline can be used by drivers to get fuel tax for their rig, or by companies that have fleets of hundreds of trucks.

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Custom Application Development & Integration Solutions:

ProMiles Software can help you to develop your own custom application with the help of our Software Developer's Kit.

The ProMiles Software Developer's Kit (SDK) is centered around a powerful OCX that allows you to integrate trucking mileages, maps, and routes into your standalone programs. With tons of features and customizable licensing and distribution options, the ProMiles OCX is the best way to rapidly develop professional mileage and mapping enabled trucking applications.  This OCX powers ProMiles Mileage Guide and comes with ProMiles' full location and miles database. Incorporate the same functionality used by governments and big businesses in the U.S. and Canada.


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Truck useable roads, truck mileages, heavy truck routing software, fuel taxes, fuel prices, road conditions, current weather and more
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